We believe we accomplish the most in life when we reach out to help those around us.

I have two children with special needs, and as such, I am an advocate for children and adults with physical and mental health conditions. I hold mental health issues particularly close to my heart since both my children are on the autism spectrum and my daughter has several co-existing mental health conditions.

Our projects reflect our desire to help families, loved ones and individuals impacted by autism or mental health conditions. We wish to spread awareness, knowledge and kindness.

Mental Health Awareness Merchandise

Proudly wear apparel that shines a light on mental health conditions and autism. Make people aware of the conditions that are impacting children and adults around them. Encourage others to ask questions so they can learn more about autism, Asperger’s syndrome, bipolar disorder in children and any other mental health condition.

mental health merchandise

The Asperger Chronicles

This is a book I wrote about life with Asperger’s Syndrome. It can be hard for others to understand what challenges we face. I hope this book provides some insight. Every person’s experience is difference but I hope my story can help loved ones to see things from the perspective of family or friends with autism.

I am working on a second book now. More details to come….

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